Just Bad Movie Posters

The best part about being a designer is that you can do anything with it. Everyone and every business is going to need some design elements, advertising, or even just some promotional purposes at one point or another. There is a huge market for design in the entertainment field and an interesting article was written by Vladimir Gendelman about horrible posters made for movies and why they were so bad.

It really got me thinking that this happens more often than not. You head over to the mall with a group of friends and get to see all the new movies that are going to be released in front of the theater and sometimes, a bad promotional design can disinterest you from a film without even seeing it.

So, I personally wanted to review some of these “groundbreaking” poster designs and touch on why I didn’t like them from a customer and designer perspective.

Now You See Me 2


“You haven’t seen anything yet.” Well, unfortunately, the only thing that I am seeing from this is an overuse of crop, copy and paste. They individually photographed the stars of the film then cropped them into a blown picture of a card maze.

The “maze like” font across the title, and the shadows added in all wrap it together tie it perfectly into the actual film, but for me, the product of the idea just wasn’t delivered.


X-MEN First Class


Have you been waiting for this? This design has appeared on multiple lists for some of the worst movie posters, and now you know why. A simple silhouette of the main character of the film with a floating head placed (not even in the middle) with blurred out edges.

Although the silhouette works well for the film since it is such an iconic and recognizable figure, but simple can be too simple and doesn’t always make it better.



Okay, this one isn’t that bad. I understand this simple design because one of the best ways to sell in Hollywood is to put the faces of big name celebrities across every form of advertising.

Unfortunately, if I didn’t know either of these faces, this poster tells me absolutely nothing about the film. The white background and futuristic font does add some insight to what could be happening, but once again, simple does not have the upper hand.



Thanks for checking us out!

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