A Designer’s “Must Have” Apps

Have you ever caught yourself just switching back and forth between multiple different apps on your phone or your computer just to pass the time? Even in our fast paced world, almost everywhere we go, we have to wait at some point. It is a lot easy to just bury our faces and attention into our screens to keep our busy minds moving.

I’ve come at you with a personal list of my favorite apps that are helpful and design based, overall fun to use, and more importantly, give you something to do while getting your creative juices flowing!

#1. ColorSchemer Studio

Color Schemer Studio is an app that allows you mix around colors, make a color scheme, find the perfect shade, and just play around with the whole spectrum.

If you’re anything like me, picking out colors for an upcoming project can be very frustrating, but ColorSchemer Studio allows you to visually see the contrast of colors, and save them however you like for later uses.


#2. Glyphs

You already know that I had to put a typography app on my list! Glyphs is so cool because you can make your own fonts. You can start from scratch and build your own lettering or you can go in with an existing font and change it to your liking.

I highly recommended this app, if you do not have it already, if you are someone who adores typefaces and typography.


You can even digitally create a font just from your sketches, and add in multiple different colors however you prefer! There are a lot of Glyphs Tutorials as well to help you get familiar with the app to get started.

#3. Patterno 

Patterno is definitely worth mentioning because it is a very simple app used to create colorful, patterned, or special backgrounds. It is an easy way out for some who might not be familiar with Photoshop to create backgrounds for any personal use.

Also, Patterno is perfect for social media backgrounds. *hint hint*

#4. Adobe Illustrator Draw

It honestly can not get much better than this. Adobe has a free app based around Illustrator and the app allows you to free draw and create illustrations at your fingertips.

You can add multiple layers to sketch on and even have the blend modes for individual layers. Your illustrations can be detailed and then saved as a PDF to Creative Cloud, or just for fun to doodle to share!



Thanks for checking us out!

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