Typography: for Dummies

It is easy enough for me to say that I am absolutely a font fanatic, but for a few of you who are a bit new to the design world, you might not know there are a few “rules” that come with the typography universe. When it comes to learning something new, just like anything else, there are a set of guidelines that could help you make your creations more effective and efficient. Sometimes, designers call it The Ten Commandments of Typography

Rule #1: Do not use more than two fonts at a time.


You can definitely get away with three fonts, but no more than that. The less fonts you are using the more your design looks unified and clean. More than three fonts makes everything messy, and your message starts to get lost within the design.

Rule #2: Short and Sweet!

Let’s compare your message to the “Terms and Conditions”, if you have long, drawn-out informational paragraphs, the public will start to get bored with all the reading and will start skipping over all your information, or maybe not read any of it at all.

Keep it short and sweet, and straight to the point to avoid any confusion, and to also keep attention of your audience.

Always start with a little research, learning to keep your messages short is a place to start and learning key points.

Rule #3: Understand the “personalities” of fonts.

wedding-invitation2Fonts can give a specific “personality” and can make your message be perceived in a different way then intended.

If you want to make a wedding announcement, you would want to go down a more calligraphy (that gives off a merriment, happy, elegant style) path of font choices.

On the other hand, if you are making a design that is strictly business, you would want to use a Sans Serif font that is very bold, clean, and professional.

Rule # 4: Say “NO” to these fonts.

There is a font group that is a big “no no” in the design world. Here are a few of them: Courier and Courier New, Papyrus, Comic Sans, or IMPACT. There are multiple other fonts you should avoid. Although all these fonts are iconic and have been around since before the dawn of time, they are over-used, unoriginal, and tired.

But in design, the world is your oyster. You are more than welcome to use these fonts to your heart’s desire! There is not actual “written law” stopping you from utilizing them, but just be aware of what all the typography whispers are saying.

“This is not an order, this is just a best friend’s advice!”


Those were my personal top 4 rules of typography, but there are more “unspoken” rules of the typography world you can explore. Thanks for checking us out!

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“Actions speak louder than words, but not when you have the right font.” – Yours truly




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